Double Standards – body types

It appears in the last few years there has been a shift in societies views. Disparaging comments are directed from one marginalised group to the next like the changing of the seasons. The Fat Acceptance Movement is upon us. 

I say this with a clear understanding that I will be targeted and told that I’m fat shaming and causing harm to young women everywhere who buy into the mass media and can lead to a view that I’m proaneroxia (seriously this was an actual comment made by my own sister on Twitter to me). Let me clarify. I am NOT proaneroxia. I believe in maintains a balanced diet, portion control and never completely denying myself of anything. As a Nurse I’m always on the move and pretty much spend most of my shift partaking in some level of cardio exercise. 

These days society has a new view of what is the “ideal” body. Curvy and full sized is “in” and is skinny girls have become the target of scrunity. 

Any skinny girl will tell you there are certain comments that will be made to them at some point in their life that has almost become a social norm and individuals are meant to accept it?…. I think not. 

“Wow you’ve lost weight/ really skinny/ wasting away. I think you need you eat more” – please note this comment is usually combined with a poke to the stomach or hips by a much larger individual then I. Apparently people believe that these type of derogatory  comments aren’t offensive. I what the twisted minds of these individuals don’t get is that telling people to eat more is just as ignorant and ride as telling someone to eat less. 

“You look anorexic”. Let’s just be clear, eating disorders are a mental illnesses. They are not something to be mocked or taken lightly. 5% of women and 2% of men deal with eating disorders on a daily basis. My grandmother when she was alive would always tell me I must be anorexic if I wasn’t hungry at the particular time and if I was and devoured my meal, she would tell me I must be bulimic. Everyone has body issues, fat or thin. Just because I am slender does not mean I am immune from these comments. Telling someone they are gross and overweight is the same thing as telling someone that they look too skinny and anorexic. 

Like the changing of the seasons, healthy eating trends come and go. People will always jump on the bandwagon and partake in the latest celebrity diets for a period. I personally don’t diet but I do cook. I’m made a concious effort to put more veg into everything I cook and serve dinner on a side plate for me and a dinner plate for my husband (otherwise I’ll eat the same size portion as him). Some people take these diet trends all to seriously and by doing so make themselves a target for teasing but realistically making the healthy choice shouldn’t be shamed. If a girl is petit and watches what she puts into her body she is automatically labels as dumb and vain. But again would these comments be made openly to an individual who lives on take aways? I don’t think so. 

I’ll own up to it. I don’t have an arse or BOOTY. My husband says he likes my small bum but according to society, the media and now it appears the music industry I’m not a real woman because I don’t have curves. Now I’m very proud of the fact I have maintained my slim figure and a healthy weight but i am more then then number on my clothes or on the scales. Shouldn’t I be judged on my accomplishments and intellect? It may have taken me awhile to get then but I am in a career path as a learning disability nurse, a job than is both mentally and physically exhausting. Instead people look at me and see and “skinny bitch” – thank you for that Meghan Trainer and the rest. If an average sized or overweight woman was openly referred to as a bitch their would be riots and calls for heads in sticks. 

As Miss Trainer sings “go ahead and tell them skinny bitches. Hey no, I’m just playing I know you all think your fat”. So it appears Miss Trainer and others in the music industry (cough cough Mr Brown and Miss Minaj) all appear to strongly insinuate if not openly state that slender women are self obsessed Barbie Dolls who all have some level of body dysmorphia. If fat women were shamed and called out in this manner I’m pretty sure society would blow a fuse. 

Yes the media hasn’t helped matters. Tabloid magazines have been referring to people as being “too fat, too thin” for years but in a era of fat acceptance this is pretty demoralising. Society has decided to accept unhealthy lifestyles. I suppose when 30% of the worlds population is obese, if you can’t beat them join them. 

My point of all this is, stop with the double standards. Regardless of your size/ shape/ weight remember that this shits hurts. I’m I want to take a selfie post-workout or show off my body I’ve worked hard to keep when pushing 30 years old. I damn well if I want to! 

Love to Loath Joffrey

Everyone hates Joffrey


Draco Malfoy,  to all of a certain age who grew up reading the Harry Potter books or watching the films he was the bad guy you loved to hate in a childish manner. Now that we are older (but maybe not so wiser) there is a new blonde haired brat on the screen who we love to loath. One Joffrey Baratheon! 

You can see where the similarities lay between the two. Both Draco and Joffrey. Both blonde and from a noble lineage. Their families thrive on power, are obsessed with power and will to what they can to obtain power and keep it.  Both families also see themselves far superior to others. Draco however became a fan favourite in Harry Potter, so much so his evil steak are cowardice are forgotten, replaced by fans finding him sexy and sympathetic.

The same can not be said for Joffrey who seems to go above and beyond to appears as depraved and unlikeable as humanly possible. The general theme amongst fans is that the only thing thing Joffrey deserves more than another slap from his pint-sized Uncle Tyrion Lannister is a slow and painful death at the hands of Sansa Stark (preferably something to the effect of what he did to the prostitutes Ros and Daisy, followed by a few shots with that crossbow he likes playing with). 

One of our reasons for our hatred of Joffrey, and something we didn’t see with Draco is down to the character development. Generally in these sorts of things we learn why the bad guy is so bad through their back story. Joffrey however seems to go from whiny  arrogant brat to a vicious socio-path who refuses to be told what to do and has more mood swings then hot dinners. Now it is possible that this may have something to do with his inbreeding (*spoiler alert: his uncle Jamie is actually his father). He is depraved and when he becomes King matters only get worse for those around him. The teen tyrant has beheaded his ex-fiancée’s father then forced her to look at it. Made her kiss the sword he plans to ill her brother with. He has held the poor girl captive then when his grandfather forces her to marry the midget, Joffrey has the balls to give her away at her own wedding stating “Your father has gone. I am the father of the realm. It is may duty to give you away to your husband”. Not to mention playing out his sick fantasies on poor Ros and Daisy (the whores). What makes Joffrey more loathsome is that when threatened, he runs like the scared little boy he truly is. 

Even his own mother dislikes him Cersei Lannister  may love her little inbred monster, but that doesn’t mean she likes him very much. Once Joffrey sat upon the Iron Throne , he ignored all of her motherly advice and has threatened to take her life after she slapped him (and fans everywhere cheered).

It is fair to say that our hatred of Joffrey could not be brought to life without the dazzling performance from Irish actor Jack Gleeson. The 21 year old who hails from Cork and addends the Trinity College Dublin may be recognisable from his performance in the 2005 film Batman Begin (he plays the little kid saved by Batman). Gleeson plays Joffrey so well in fact I wouldn’t be surprised of he’s received a slap or two in his time from die hard Game of Thrones fans. 

Joffrey is the kind of character you love to see get slapped are bitten by a direwolf because after all, he’s the little blonde creep who deserves it. In a story full of villains, it’s Joffrey that en stills hatred into the heart of fans. He is not a genius nor a fighter he is simply the little shit we want to die. 

You may not want to admit it but you love Joffrey Baratheon, even if it’s just so you can love to loath him. The look forward to his slow, messy and painful demise and death. 

Here’s to Joffrey!

Comeback Kings and Queens

Chris Brown: Award Winner, R’n’B Superstar, Millionaire, Woman Beater! Yet in the eyes of the public, or at least the record companies who he’s making money for, all is forgiven.

We all heard about Browns assault on then girlfriend Rihanna just before the 2009 Grammy’s. We saw the brutal images and people everywhere were up in arms demanding Browns blood. Brown was charged with felony assault and making criminal threats. He pleaded guilty to a felony and accepted a plea deal of community labor, five years’ formal probation and domestic violence counselling. My personal opinion is that Brown should of served jail time. Given the line of work that he is in and the influence he has over youth culture, one would presume the judge would be more severe punishment to fit the crime.

Here we are now and Brown has gotten back together with Rihanna, the women he viciously battered. They’ve taken some rather inappropriate pictures, published them on Instagram and have broken up again. Whether you like it or not, and i really don’t like it, Chris Brown has undeniably made a comeback.
At the 2012 Grammy’s Brown won, and boy did he rub it in tweeting his ‘haters’ –
“Hate all u want becuz i got a grammy!”
Talk about one finger salute to the world. Since then he’s sold over 30,000 copies, he scored a number one in the UK with his album Fortune. Really goes to show some people have no taste.

One person who does have Chris’s back though is our very own english rise Cheryl Cole, who stated in a radio interview said she believes Brown has made positive changes in his life since assaulting Rihanna. Cole went on to say
“I think it’s about time we all [forgave Brown], if I’m completely honest, if you want my opinion,” Cole continued. “I think it’s time we all moved on. That guy is talented as hell.”
Hmmm wonder why exactly Ms Cole thinks thugs should be forgiven. It couldn’t possibly have something to do with her own brush with the law in January 2003. Cole was involved in what has been described as an altercation with a nightclub toilet attendant. Cheryl was charged with assault and racially aggravated assault over the incident. She was may have been cleared of the racially aggravated assault charge but found guilty of assault occasioning actual bodily harm at her trial and sentenced to 120 hours of community service. She was also ordered to pay her victim £500 in compensation, as well as £3,000 prosecution costs. Someone obviously had a great lawyer! Since the assault Ms Cole has kept her head down and her career has gone from strength to strength.

Cole has seen success with Girls Aloud, embarked on a solo career with the aid of Will.I.Am and released her first solo studio album 3 Words. Cole has become a recognised and photographed style icon. She has been photographed for the covers of British Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, while also becoming the new face of cosmetic company L’Oréal. Even her husbands affairs and subsequence divorce couldn’t stop our Cheryl. She became a judge on The X Factor in 2008 becoming the winning judge twice out of the three series she judged. In 2011, Cole left the UK version of The X Factor to judge the American version. However, Cole was sacked from the show which only endeared her the the hearts of the British public more. Forget the fact that she pounded some poor hard working toilet attendant for no other reason than looking in the wrong direction. It appears Chezza, all is forgiven.

Kate Moss, she is the English model who rose to fame in the early-1990s as part of the Heroin chic fashion trend. She is known for her waifish figure, and role in size zero fashion. Moss has had campaigns with major Italian, French, American, and British designers including Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Rimmel and Bulgari. She has been featured in fashion spreads in most major fashion magazines including UK, US, and French Vogue magazines, Vanity Fair, the Face, and W. Moss has appeared on the cover of British Vogue 30 times. It all looked so rosey for the English rose until 2005 when film footage was published of Kate Moss snorting a white powder, allegedly cocaine.

Moss was subsequently dropped from Burberry, H+M and Chanel contracts. Dior and Rimmel stuck by her, though. She checked herself into rehab, cleaned up her act, dumped badboy Pete Doherty and the police didn’t pursue a case against her due to a lack of evidence. (yep apparently the video was circumstantial)
One year on after Cocaine Kate and she has earned a further $8 million. She is now married to Jamie Hince, guitarist in The Kills and at the ripe old age of 39 has been modelling for 16years at the top of her industry. Well they do say there’s no publicity like bad publicity.

When you think of the stereotypical all-American superhero, Robert Downey Jr. doesn’t immediately spring to mind, yet it is in his role as Tony Stark that has flung Robert back into the limelight gaining a new generation of fans and making women everywhere swoon (I’m sure it’s not just me). Downey Jr found fame the first time in an off Broadway musical – American Passion, and in coming of age film with Molly Ringwald, The Pick Up Artist, adding him to The Brat Pack. He obtained praise for his role in Less Than Zero and even an Oscar nod in 1992 for Chaplin. But Robert’s reputation went downhill from there.

Drugs. Lots and lots and lots of drugs. Downey was arrested multiple times from 1996 to 2001 and soon became an acting liability. He took work where he could find it such as Ally McBeal, where he was fired (and who can blame them) due to numerous arrests on drug-related charges including cocaine, heroin and marijuana and made repeated trips to rehab.

But Then … Robert got clean, and with sobriety came success in the form of the underrated Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and more prominently Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes. Who knew that Tony Stark and the world’s greatest detective were both so much like Robert Downey Jr.?

It appears that it is possible to come back from most things whether its Hollywood or the UK. Whether we like it or not money talks and for these for individuals the money is saying “I’ve got a fucking awesome PR team”

Short skirts and high heels

In January of this year Tory MP, Richard Graham stated that “Short skirts and high heels make women more vulnerable to rapists”.

Graham went on to the Gloucestershire Citizen “there’s a predator and if you are blind drunk and wearing those clothes how able are you to get away?”. I can see where Mr Graham may have a point, I myself have fallen many times in my 5 inch spiked heels, but does my choice in shoes really mean I’m more likely to be raped, and does it mean that it’s my fault?

It is this type of narrow mindedness from both men and woman that has resulted in what is attackers failing to be brought to justice. According to a news report on BBC One presented in November 2007, there were more than 85,000 women raped in the UK in 2006, whichs works out at approx 230 cases every day. It also showed that only 800 people were convicted of rape crimes that same year, meaning that less than 1 in every 100 rape survivors were able to convict their attacker.

These attacks didn’t happen because a women went outside and decided to show some cleavage or a bit of leg. They occurred because the attacker decided that day, “I’m going to rape you”. This is not the fault of the victim as certain members of society would have you think. But yet, even today the victim is at fault. Opinions are formed that because a woman looks like a slut then she must be a slut and asked to be violated.

I admit that people in general today need to be more aware of their surroundings and try to avoid walking home alone home in the dark with a belly for of tequila, beers and cocktails.

We live in a dangerous world, just turn on the news. Fundraising soldiers are being killed by monsters with machetes, school children are being shot and young girls are being gang raped by men old enough to be their fathers. In the instance of the first two examples no one would ever dare say of the victims “oh they obviously asked for it”. Yet in the cause of 11year old girls being gang raped the wife if one of the accused stated that girl should of been playing with dolls not her husband.
People out there are sick and twisted. But just because they see someone in a skirt doesn’t give them the right to act on those sick and twisted instincts.

15 ways of the world… well according to the movies



1) All US phone numbers begin with 555

2) The ventilation system of any building is the perfect hiding place because noone ever looks in the vent. Doesn’t matter if your a small kid or grown adult you can get to any other point in the building through a vent.

3) If you decide to start dancing in the street, random strangers, family and friends will all joy in and know the exact dance moves. 

4) Even the drunkest of drunks and sober in a instant thanks to a splash of cold walk or a cup of black coffee. 

5)  You’re very likely to survive any battle in any war unless you make the mistake of showing someone a picture of your sweetheart back home.

6) The Eiffel Tower can be seen from every window in Paris.

7) No matter how dead you think you’ve killed a bad guy, he can still get up at least three more times.

8) All writers are wealthy; all publishing companies are glamorous; all artists are self-supporting and even the struggling ones have large attractive well-lit loft studios.

9) A man will show no pain while taking the most ferocious beating and spit blood whilst asking for more, but will wince when a woman tries to clean his wounds.

10) An electric fence that’s powerful enough to kill a dinosaur will cause no lasting damage to an eight-year-old child other than minor burns to his hands and a bad hair day.

11) Any lock can be picked by a credit card or a paper clip in seconds — unless it’s the door to a burning building with a child trapped inside.

12) People rarely use the bathroom, and if they do, they’re usually dead within minutes.

13) Once applied, lipstick will never rub off, ever — even while scuba diving

14) If you stick your head out of cover during a gun fight, it will never be hit, especially if you look backwards to hold a conversation with someone behind you.

15) If you try hard enough, you can outrun an explosion.

When can I, can I be famous?! and do I want that?


Celebrities… we’re obsessed with them! Whether we want to admit it or not, knowing who’s screwing who in the world of the rich and famous is our guilty pleasure. People spend millions of pounds every year in the UK alone just to try and emulate what they see on tv, in the glossy magazines that adorn coffee tables everywhere and now on the internet. I too fall into the category of individuals who has a brain full of unless information regarding which singer is dating that hunky model etc….. I laugh at the misfortunes of others when their private lives are strewn across the tabloids. Should I laugh at the misfortunes of others? Probably not but it’s there for me to enjoy and to feel better about my life.

Celebrities have such a huge impact upon the lives of the general population that men, women, boys and girls are lining up to take part in reality tv shows, girls hit the hottest clubs in the skimpiest of outfits to become the next WAG of the moment. Realistically people will do whatever it takes to grab their 15 mins of fame. But do they really think about everything that comes with it. The tabloids airing your dirty laundry, being followed 24/7, relationships becoming torn apart and forgoing any part of a private life. This may appeal to the Katie Prices of the world but not me.

I would be the first to admit I have been an angel by any stretch of the imagination. A late bloomer socially, but did I make up for it! I know I have pissed people off, used my assets to my advantage, and thereby probably causing hurt to others all in the name of me. Basically I was a dumbass. Nothing illegal of course but were some of my actions morally right? No of course Not. Not that it was an excuse but I was young and believed I was living my life to the full and either didn’t think able the consequences to my actions or just didn’t care. I can’t remember.

The point of all this is, if I ever became famous, really famous. Not just a flash of light in a sky full of stars, all my skeletons would be out of the wardrobe. Enough to keeps Heat Magazine and the likes in business for awhile. There’s also probably people out there would I wouldn’t put it past to sell a story or two. But people today don’t think about this when they apply to the latest talent show, or series of Big Brother then freak out when some journalist who’s just doing their job finds the latest sex tape or spurred lover.

No one is an angel. If you think about this. I mean really pondered about the possibility of your family, friends and the rest of the world knowing exactly what you sniffed or who you sucked, would you try so hard to become “the next big thing”? All the riches in the would can’t buy you a good enough publicist to spin all you dirty deeds into a positive.

Then again, they do say there’s no publicity like bad publicity.